We are a leadership and management development practice that takes a hands-on, holistic, and empathetic approach to solving our clients’ biggest leadership challenges.

To accomplish this, we offer the following opportunities:

  • One on one and small group coaching for managers and leaders

  • Training and workshops for full teams and organizations

  • Comprehensive consulting on organizational strategy, team structure, professional development, and team culture


All organizations want to have a big impact, but does yours have all the strategic tools you need to see your mission realized in the world? We support organizations to set clear, visionary goals and develop the strategic plans to hit them. We work with teams to grow skills to maximize their impact, measure their work, and make data-driven decisions. Some of the primary areas we offer coaching, training, and consulting support for strategy include: 

  • Establishing a clear mission, vision, and worldview

  • Defining impact, setting goals, and measuring progress and success

  • Market research and landscape analysis

  • Strategic planning, roadmaps, and project management

  • Metrics, objectives and key results (OKRs), and evaluation systems

  • Internal communication and collaboration systems


Great culture is key to a healthy organization where dynamic people and teams do joyful, high-impact work together. But what is a great culture, and how do you get it? We help organizations create cultures that emphasize purpose, live out team values, and support individuals as whole people at work. Some of the primary areas we offer coaching, training, and consulting support for culture include:   

  • Team culture assessment and problem diagnosis

  • Cross-team culture building strategy

  • Culture building workshops and retreats or teams or full organizations



Every team is unique, made up of leaders and contributors who are whole people living full lives. We believe organizations succeed when every person’s leadership is cultivated. We support organizations to grow their managers and leaders and to build concrete systems and tools to support people. Some of the primary areas we offer coaching, training, and consulting support for people include:  

  • Leadership presence: making decisions, communicating clearly, developing others to succeed

  • Employee handbook, policies, and practices

  • Recruitment and onboarding practices

  • Competency models and staff growth plans

  • Performance review and development process

  • Coaching, modeling, and creating a culture of feedback

  • and so much more!

I had the pleasure of working with Lola Elfman a year ago to help support and grow a team of new managers. Through the coaching sessions, every individual had a tailored experienced based on their needs, desired goals, and newly discovered growth areas to lean into. A year later, and I just had a conversation with one of the managers about how the lessons learned from her sessions with Lola transcended beyond the workplace and into her personal life. That’s what it’s all about!
— Lacey Severin, Managing Director of People & Talent at Change.org