Our belief: Every leader is a person living a full life and are managing needs from all angles. 
Our approach: We work with leaders and managers to learn about themselves, grow their skills, and stick with them as they lead with purpose and authenticity. 

Managers managing up, down, and out: We love working with managers - especially "middle managers!" We believe that investing in them is investing in your team long-term success. These are the folks navigating challenges from all angles and responsible for not only their own success, but that of their team. They are hungry and we are here to meet them with a full table. 

We work managers working on a variety of higher level skills such as emotional intelligence, team motivation and growth, communication with peers and senior leaders, and developing culture and community.  

Leaders navigating life: As parents and family members ourselves, we know that leaders have to show up in multiple places - at work and at home, in our community, with partners, and especially for ourselves.

We approach coaching as an investment in yourself that will impact all areas of your life, because simply put, they are all connected. We focus on identifying values, creating realistic and aspirational goals, and developing accountability to achieve those goals. 

Reach out to us to talk about coaching for yourself or managers on your team!